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From our experience, when u treat a driver better, they make happy life long customers.

We are an on demand ride hailing platform connecting happy drivers to make happy customers.

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Interested in Making Money Behind the Wheel?

You’re in the right place. We are currently recruiting Partner DRIVERS across Taxis, Matatus, Boda Boda, Rick Shaw, and Tour Vehicles to complement our fleet. You will however need to have the following documents: Valid Driving Permit, a National ID Card, Copy of the Vehicle Insurance, Proof of Updated Licensing, and Recent Passport Photos – all done within the Driver App.

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Ride NOW, Pay Later

Yes, it’s that Simple. Stop looking for change when you arrive at your destination, just thank your Driver and go about your day.

Down on CASH? No worries, simply select pay by Debt and we will take it from there.

Use your Balance to SHOP, DINE or Pay Utilities at any MOMO Pay, Clic Pay and Lipa Na MPesa Merchant.
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Why You Will Love Us


Take advantage of the FREE in-app messaging and communicate to your driver in real time.


Select from multiple vehicle types Saloons, 4WDs, Matatus, Tour Vehicles, 8 Seater, 28 Seater.


You can schedule your ride and as a reminder of your booking, a driver will message you at the scheduled time.


Select our hourly basis. So you can take advantage of multiple stops on your way to Work or Home.


Airport Package based on your location, with a Fixed Price.


A comfortable ride in less than 10 minutes. You may reserve a driver at your convenience for Upcountry as well as town running.

Fleet Partners

Do Your Own a Fleet of Vehicles?

Looking to grow your Car Rental Business, Join our Partner Network, manage your fleet & drivers through your own Dashboard. .



Access your fleet through a seperate Dashboard View/Edit your information including location of vehicles.


Manage Your Fleet, Drivers and Requests from your Dashboard.


Track Payments by your customers which may include Credit/Invoice.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do i need the app to Book a Ride?

NO, although we recommend booking a GO-Whitelines Ride through the GO-Whitelines App. We have an option to call in and get a Vehicle to your destination. Booking through the App may enable you receive a Faster Ride and better Pricing. Our app is currently available for Android and iOS and can be downloaded for free in the corresponding stores. Our shuttles are not allowed to pick up passengers spontaneously and without booking on the street.

How much is GO-Whitelines Service?

GO-Whitelines is one of the cheapest travel services on the market. Our price is based on a staggered kilometer price and is also dependent on the number of vehicle booked. The price formula is based on the local price level of other local mobility service providers, so prices vary slightly in different locations. Any delays caused by traffic jams or car-related detours will not be charged to the customer.

Why is Device or Customer Account Blocked?

Out of consideration for other passengers and to ensure our service quality, we reserve the right to block customer accounts in the event of business-damaging actions such as repeated non-appearance, misuse of credit and promotional campaigns, multiple accounts, property damage or harassment of drivers or passengers. The customer support team takes care of the clarification of undue blockages. Inquiries to the customer support can be made via by e-mail to

Is there a Fixed Price?

Yes, it will be displayed during the booking process and will not change in the event of traffic jams or other delays. Thanks to the fixed price guarantee, there is always complete cost transparency.

How do you manage security of riders?

Personal safety is one of our highest priority and we encourage Riders to be mindful of the details of the Driver, Vehicle Registration and Vehicle Type so as to simply cancel the Ride if they don’t feel comfortable.
We also encourage Riders to ask drivers a specific question before getting into the Ride “Sir/Madam, who are you here to pick up?” this specific question may be the most important question for your safety in a Gowhitelines Ride because if they begin to mumble then know that this may not be the ride you ordered.

What is GO-Whitelines?

GO-Whitelines combines multiple vehicle options matching them to customer’s needs for individual and shared chauffeured vehicles, to create an environmentally friendly and affordable Transport Service. This makes GO-Whitelines a pioneer in building an innovative and environmentally suited public transport network.

Does GO-Whitelines have any experience in this Business?

GO-Whitelines has over 10+ years of everyday experience, the company having started in 2007 has operated as a transport company since then, the last 10 years have been focused on School Transport as our core business. In Uganda our hard work has been celebrated by induction into the prestigious Top 100 Fastest Growing SME Hall of Fame, we were celebrated 2 times in a row 2011/12, 2013/14 and most recently in 2016/17.

Who is behind GO-Whitelines?

GO-Whitelines is owned and managed by the same team responsible for the Whitelines Shuttle Service made popular through their revolutionary School Bus service.

How do you contribute to the Environment and Society?

Since 2007 todate we have supported 3,780 Households access Education, enabled 3,500 women contribute to Household Income, created 360 Direct and 3,600 Indirect Jobs, saved 27,300,240 Commute Hours, replaced 9,900 Vehicles saving 5,460,048 Kms of road that would otherwise need Repair due to early Wear and Tear.